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        Showing Housing Projects:
        350  Oliver  Lumiere  Condominiums
        Nine-story structural addition on top of an existing seven-story parking garage
        View Project
        350 Oliver Lumiere Condominiums
        Homestead Bakery Lofts
        26 Apartment Housing Complex Adaptive & Commercial Space in Old Homestead Bakery Re-use Project
        View Project
        Homestead Bakery Lofts
        Krause  Commons
        New, energy efficient facility with housing, club house, office space, and parking
        View Project
        Krause Commons
        Nordenberg  Hall
        Placed slab-on-grade and slab-on-deck concrete for new 10-story residence hall
        View Project
        Nordenberg Hall
        Residences  at  Wood  Street
        Aggressive 16-week construction of 16 stories consisting of ADA renovations, electrical services, and the shut down of two city blocks
        View Project
        Residences at Wood Street
        Uptown Lofts on Fifth Avenue
        60,000 SF Award Winning, Passive House Certified Affordable Housing Apartment Complex
        View Project
        Uptown Lofts on Fifth Avenue