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        Wexford, PA
        Wexford, PA

        Astorino (now Cannon Design)
        Astorino (now Cannon Design)

        186,000 SF Medical Complex
        186,000 SF Medical Complex

        3,100 CY Concrete
        3,100 CY Concrete

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        Allegheny Health + Wellness Pavilion

        Complex Concrete Construction & Linear Accelerator for 2-Story Outpatient Medical Facility
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        Wexford Medical Mall, now known as Allegheny Health + Wellness Pavilion, is a two-story, outpatient medical facility that provides numerous patient services including primary care, outpatient surgery, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and advanced imaging.  The project featured a linear accelerator for highly focused radiation therapy. 

         Mosites Construction Company was hired because of our ability to perform complex concrete construction on time and in budget.Mosites completed the project ahead of schedule and helped Allegheny Health Network to open on time.

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