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        Canonsburg, PA
        Canonsburg, PA

        Baker Engineers
        Baker Engineers

        Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
        Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

        62' Dam </br> 630' Crest Length
        62' Dam
        630' Crest Length

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        Canonsburg Lake Dam Improvements

        Concrete, Spillway Capacity, and Overflow Weir Improvements for Recreational Lake
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        The Canonsburg Lake Dam is an artificial lake formed by the waters of Chartiers Creek.  The dam was originally built in 1943 and was considered a strategic resource for World War II.  Today, the dam is owned by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and is considered a recreational lake.  The renovations addressed deteriorated concrete, spillway capacity, overflow weir, and rebuilding of the lower level outlet structure.

        Major work included establishing a 400’ x 45’ temporary causeway during construction season at multiple work elevations, demolition and reconstruction of spillway walls, and partial restoration of spillway weir.  Other work included shoreline reconstruction with riprap, dam stabilization with multi-strand rock anchors, and structural reinforcement using passive dowels. 

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