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        Pittsburgh,  PA,  PennDOT  District  11
        Pittsburgh, PA, PennDOT District 11

        HDR  Engineering
        HDR Engineering

        City  of  Pittsburgh
        City of Pittsburgh

        $18  Million
        $18 Million

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        Greenfield Bridge

        Innovative mass concrete structure to transform bridge from historic to modern
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        Mosites  Construction  Heavy  Division  worked  closely  with  the  City  of  Pittsburgh  to  construct  a  project  that  both  implemented  modern  design,  while  preserving  the  historic  heritage  of  the  bridge  and  its  connection  to  Schenley  Park.    Mosites  worked  within  tight  timeframes  over  weekend  closures  of  376  East  to  demolish  the  existing  structure,  and  erect  the  new  steel  arch  structure.    The  project  featured  innovative  mass  concrete  substructure  elements  requiring  precise  construction  to  ensure  the  fabricated  steel  structure  could  be  slotted  into  place  properly.      Greenfield  Bridge  Reconstruction  received  the  2017  ABCD  Award  for  Outstanding  New  Major  Bridge  from  the  Association  for  Bridge  Construction  &  Design  as  well  as  the  Transportation  Project  of  the  Year  from  the  Engineers’  Society  of  Western  Pennsylvania. 

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