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        Latrobe,  PA,  PennDOT  District  12
        Latrobe, PA, PennDOT District 12

        The  Eads  Group,  Inc.
        The Eads Group, Inc.

        Pennsylvania  Department  of  Transportation
        Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

        $4.7  Million
        $4.7 Million

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        PennDOT SR 981

        Concrete surface repairs of SR 981 in Latrobe by shotcrete
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        Rehabilitation  of  SR  981  in  Latrobe,  PA  for  the  Pennsylvania  Department  of  Transportation  featured  specialty  operations  that  Mosites  Heavy  Division  has  become  known  for.    The  existing  structure  was  composed  of  three  concrete  arches  passing  over  Loyalhanna  Creek,  with  the  largest  span  being  over  100  ft  in  length.    Included  in  the  contract  scope  were  concrete  surface  repairs  to  100%  of  the  underside  of  the  three  arches,  as  well  as  surface  repairs  to  the  both  of  the  abutments  and  piers.    Mosites  utilized  their  shotcrete  expertise  to  complete  these  concrete  repairs  effectively  and  efficiently.

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