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        Washington  County,  Bulger,  PA
        Washington County, Bulger, PA

        Mackin  Engineering  Company
        Mackin Engineering Company

        Pennsylvania  Turnpike  Commission
        Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

        $20.5  Million
        $20.5 Million

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        Southern Beltway

        Construction of six mainline bridges and one two-span overpass
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        Mosites  Construction’s  work  for  The  Pennsylvania  Turnpike  Commission  on  section  55A1  of  Pittsburgh’s  Southern  Beltway  featured  six  mainline  bridges  and  one  two-span  overpass.    The  project  included  a  pair  of  three-span  concrete  girder  bridges  to  carry  mainline  SR  576  over  Raccoon  Creek,  which  required  roughly  1500  cubic  yards  of  concrete  to  construct  the  four  pier  caps.   Mosites  worked  closely  with  Independence  Excavating  Inc.  to  develop  and  execute  a  schedule  that  allowed  for  both  structural  and  excavation  work  to  proceed  simultaneously  to  complete  the  project  within  the  strict  timeframe.    

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