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        Need a break?  Looking for something fun for the whole family?  Explore our new Activities Page which features coloring pages, games and links to STEAM activities you can do at home.  Don't forget to take a picture of your activities and send to Cary Morris and we will post to our Company Bulletin Board!  Have fun!

        Coloring Pages

        Atrias - Trinity Point                               Greenfield Bridge                                 Mon Incline

        350 Oliver Lumiere Condos                  Aldi's - McDowell Shops                       CMU - ANSYS Hall

        Mosites Warehouse                               Mosites Workers



        STEAM Links

        Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are used in everyday activities and so important for our kids.  They promote problem solving and creative thinking.  Follow the links below for fun activities at home!
        Littls Binds for Little Minds
        STEAM Powered Family

        Pen Pals

        Become a virtual pen pal!  Send well wishes to the residents at Whitehall ManorCare in Pittsburgh.  You can send emails, pictures of artwork or your family's furry friend!  E-mails can be sent here.


        Joanne Fabrics Mask Donation Program

        Help our Healthcare Personnel!  Click here for instructions on how you can support our healthcare personnel by making and donating masks.



        Hearts for Healthcare Workers

        Decorate hearts to show our healthcare workers you are thinking of them.  Write words of encouragement and showcase your artwork abilities.  Make sure to display your finished artwork where healthcare workers and first responders can see them!