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        Mosites Construction & Development Company

        Explore our company history, awards, team, and more.


        Steven T. Mosites Sr. founded Mosites Construction Company in 1959. Ten years later, The Mosites Brothers expanded into real estate and established the Development Division. Learn more about how the Mosites company of today draws inspiration from the small Greek village, Moscos. 

        Leadership Team

        Meet the experienced professionals that make up the Building, Heavy, and Development Divisions at Mosites. Explore leadership bios


        Our commitment to safety guides the way we do business. Zero accidents is more than just a goal; it’s our standard. Learn more about Mosites’ safety education and training program. 


        We evaluate the construction practices that limit damage to the environment and focus on sustainable construction. Learn more about our sustainable renovations, award winning, and eco-friendly product driven projects.


        Our extensive experience in construction management and beyond means our projects regularly win awards. View our full list of recent project awards


        Learn more, or start your project today

        Learn more about our experienced team, past projects, or talk about your own project needs. We look forward to speaking with you.
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