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Picture of Steel Pipe for Model No SD06-2B

Steel Pipe

Model: SD06-2B

The steel pipes industry is featured with intense competition of strength and technique. Shengda has 2 spiral seam weld pipe production line and 2 longitudinal pipe production line with complete quality checking system and advanced equipments, which assure the quality, and the skilled workers assure the high productivity. The specification of the pipe is O.D.245mm~2600mm longitudinal welds pipe with wall thickness 6-32mm. The products are widely used in the power plant construction, petroleum and nature gas transmission, water supply and drainage in urban and rural area, industry fluid transmission, construction piling and other steel structure project.

1. O.D.245mm ~ 2600mm longitudinal welds pipe with wall thickness 6-32mm.
2. Should carry out production of the Goods as per drawings and requirements provided by Purchaser. Always, propose to use the relevant Chinese National Standard and equivalent Chinese raw material.
3. OEM is welcome.